A Physics based Adult VR Game. Do with her what you want.

The game was made for the Oculus Quest VR headset. It is not compatible with Android phones or Desktop/Laptop PC’s.

Yes. You will have access to all future releases. Keep in mind that as the game gets upgrades it might get more expensive so buying in early is a bonus. 

We set the price of the game very low as it is in development so that we can get funds to further improve the game. We thank you for your support but we cannot refund you. 

You will receive a download link after purchase to a apk or Windows EXE file that you can install on your headset.

The apk file can be installed  using side quest or by side loading using adb. 

There are lots of articles on the web explaining how to do this. 

The windows version can simply be extracted and then run the exe file.

The game is currently on the platform.

We are actively working on the game and expect a major updates once a month. 

When you buy the game you will be subscribed to the update list and a email will go out once a update is released. If you did not receive any update emails then please check your spam folder. 

You can also check our website from time to time for updated content.

You can completed the contact from on the Contact Us page. Please supply your order number if you are a existing customer.