A Physics based Adult VR Game. Do with her what you want.

Introducing realistic body fluids in our latest release.

Move them into any position you desire. You are the puppet master. 

Play with realistic breasts, move her around to see them jiggle. 

Toys are automated so you can concentrate on the important things

Use your physics-based hands to move her into any position you desire. Grab her with your VR hands and make her do whatever you want. 

Touch her legs, and use your fingers on her naughty bits to help her orgasm. 

Play with her breasts while she is busy pleasing herself with her toy. 

Ly on your bed and watch her play for a super immersive reality. 

Current features:

  • Auto open and close her vagina when your hand or toy is near. 
  • Grababble and jiggling breasts.
  • Quick access wrist menu
  • Slider to set her vagina open width.
  • Enable clipping so you look inside her.
  • Remove the puppet spheres from the room for better visuals. 

Latest fixes/features:

  • New Model Added
  • Anus is penetrable
  • Body hand push positioning
  • Fixed Texture issues in the bedroom. 
  • Added Vag slider for custom open width.
  • Mouth open close.
  • Additional scene to pick from
  • Better facial expressions.
  • More sound effects.
  • Default poses.
  • Animation recording

Upcoming features:

  •  Skinn color slider.
  •  Soft body parts.
  • Cum shots
  • We would love to hear from you if you have a feature suggestion. Contact Us.

Emersive VR SEX

Get caught in new reality of VR sex with hours of fun. 


The game is for VR only and has been tested on the Meta Quest 2 headset. It is not compatible with Android phones. 

Although it has been developed for the Quest it will most likely work on other VR headsets. 

The game is in BETA and in active development with monthly new features and updates. 

Visit our FAQ page for more info.